RESC 2017 Registration Forms


RESC 2017 Child Registration Form(お子様ご登録)

RESC 2017 Volunteer Registration Form(ボランティアご登録)



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Payment Information / お支払いについて

Participation in this year’s Redwood English Summer Camp is a one-time fee depending on how many days you attend (snacks, t-shirt, CD, insurance, and bag provided): ¥3,000 for 1-3 days, ¥5,000 for 4-6 days.

You may pay this fee at the event itself, but in order to simplify the registration process and give your kids as much time as possible to enjoy the camp, we prefer that you use one of our two pre-payment options: cash at the Solid Foundation office or bank transfer.

Cash – Pre-pay at Office / 現金でのお支払い(事前):
Please bring your payment with either: 1) a printed copy of your registration (emailed to you after submission), OR 2) your name and registration ID (emailed to you after submission; ex: Cjpa27030643) on an envelope with the enclosed payment.

Bank Transfer / 銀行振込:
You may also send the payment directly via bank transfer (bank information below).
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please include your registration ID (emailed to you after submission; ex: Bjpa27030643) in the transfer, or we may not be able to link your payment to your registration.

三菱東京UFJ銀行 江古田支店
店番190 普通0166644
Solid Foundation株式会社


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